Max grew up here in Baltimore and headed up to Massachusetts to attend Hampshire College and complete a bachelor’s degree in Stream Ecology. 


Like many young people that graduated in 2011, the first job he found was as a line cook….the first turn down the road that eventually led to “Pie Time.”


Max’s love for coffee and pie turned into a plan to open a coffee shop serving sweet and savory pies-he decided to start smaller and more efficiently with Pie Time, selling sweet and savory pies along with specialty coffee at area farmers markets.


Working a line cooking job part time, Max started doing smaller weekday farmers markets the summer of 2015 and renting kitchen space from a soul food take out restaurant. 


Pie Time was admitted to the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar for the 2016 season—this has allowed Max to dedicate full time labor to Pie Time and grow the business at B-more kitchen, Baltimore's first incubator kitchen.


Seasonal and fresh local fruit are the centerpieces of the sweet pies.  Pie Time Pies should taste like they were stolen from your grandmothers pantry!  Max’s background as a cook makes the savory pies more progressive, with many of the recipes founded in classic technique. 

Max's Story